3 powerful ways to clean suede shoes

Suede leather, as opposed to suede fabric, is made from the soft inner layer of cow, deer or pig hide. Suede garments, shoes, handbags and other accessories are delicate and beautiful, but very easy to scuff and stain. This article provides information on everyday care for suede and how to remove dirt and stains.

Everyday Suede Care

  1. 1
    Use a suede brush. Suede brushes usually have a wire-bristled side for brushing off debris and a rubber-bristled side for buffing up the nap of the suede. Gently brush your suede jacket, shoes or accessories, first with the soft side, then with the wire-bristled side.
    • Use the brush to remove dirt and dust that has collected on your suede item. The brush will also remove scuff marks.

    1. If your item is muddy, allow the mud to dry before brushing it off. 
    2. Brush in the direction of the fabric's grain to avoid tearing or damaging it.