Stain Removal Laundry Service in Lagos

  • Everybody does not like to have stains on their clothing, whether it a new or well-worn, treasured garment. At Cleaneat, we understand and will always provide our best efforts to remove clothing stains. Let our professional laundry service expert to do the job.
  • To remove clothing stains successfully, it depends largely on
    1. the type of fabric
    2. the nature of the stain and
    3. the colorfastness of the dye.
  • The use of cleaning or stain removal agents may not work on some fabrics and dyes, for example, stains like ink and dried paint can be impossible to remove.
  • Do not iron stained or soiled clothing as ironing dirty clothes will set stains and drive soil deeper into the fabric.

Solutions for Clothing and Laundry Stain Removal

Always be mentally prepared that any restoration process or stain removal process can never reinstate the clothes to its original brand new conditions, as a guide please be mentally prepared that you can expect the results to be 75% improvement.
  • Provide a short description on the type of clothing stains and take pictures on the clothing stain and send it to us via email , Whats app or SMS
  • Inform us on any laundry stain removal methods that you may have attempted before turning to us for help.
  • Our customer service crew will conduct a brief assessment and provide you some advise if the stain is permanently embedded in the clothing
  • Call our customer service staff  to arrange collection on the stained garment as soon as possible to prevent the stains from setting.
  • Show our collection staff the location of clothing stains
  • Always keep in mind that never put a garment away or stored it without it being cleaned.
  • Whenever we keep our garments that were not frequently worn and being taken out and it was in with little holes and stains as this could be by the smallest unseen food crumb or spillage that was left on the clothes that was not properly clean that invites insect damage.

What Cleaneat Do for Clothing Stains

  • Our professional laundry service expert will attempt to remove stains in accordance with professional practices but not all clothes and laundry stains can be removed despite our best efforts.

Laundry Stains that are not removable 

  • Normally old clothes with embedded stains, oxidized and set in the fabric
  • The type and delicacy of the fabric limit the degree of removal
  • Fabric dye that is soluble – that is, we would remove the dye along with the stains
  • The more information you provide and the sooner you give it to us, the greater the chance of satisfactory laundry stain removal.